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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 26, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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a major escalation today in the emotion packed debate over the proposed mosque near ground zero. a progressive group has gone on the attack tying the controversy to the vicious slashing of a muslim cab driver here in new york. this is the story. the cab driver had his throat slashed an he was stabbed repeatedly after allegedly telling the passenger he was a muslim. 21-year-old film student michael enwright was drunk when he was arrested and charged with a hate crime. now an inflammatory video fueling the anti- -- here is the controversial ad in its entirety.
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>> we called the offices of each politician featured in that ad a spokesman for new york governor david patterson tells nbc news the ad is outrageous. the former house speaker has no comment. we're still waiting for responses from the rest. a senior political reporter for the huffington post and a
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senior in the council of american-islamic relations is with us also. what does this tell us about how emotions are running in new york city and in some ways across the country regarding this proposed mosque near ground zero? >> well, this is a controversy that isn't just touching new york anymore, you're having politicians in oklahoma and texas weighing in and emotions are running incredibly high on both sides, people are saying it's an issue of free speech, people are saying it's an issue of national security and we're seeing with this incident what can happen when the rhetoric gets too out of control. and he may have been suffering from ptsd so that could have been another factor. >> do you think this is out of control? >> oh, it's absolutely out of control, there's no real story here. this is a center that is being built two blocks away from ground zero, which is like another neighborhood as far as manhattan goes. and it's not a mosque. and even if it were, what's the problem? it's an islamic center that has
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stores -- >> i should have stated my question more clearly, do you think it's fair to equate what happened in that cab with the stabbing of this muslim cab driver with the controversy over the islamic center near ground zero? >> no, i don't think it's fair to equate them, but are they linked? is there some kind of association, i think that's worth an investigation. when you have basically on the airwaves daily the hysteria that is anti-muslim that is saying that muslims are building this mosque on ground zero, and if it's somebody who's not mentally stable ends up slashing somebody's throat, obviously there's some kind of connection we need to look into. >> what else do we know about him, an manda, you said there were some report he might have ptsd? >> he seemed very preoccupied with ptsd, he was doing film projects on it, he was talking about it and he seemed to be obsessed with the issue. he even went to afghanistan for about a six-week period and someone we spoke with who was
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familiar with him said that he may -- michael enwright may have been suffering from pssd, i feel confident that the politicians that are using this type of rhetoric aren't going to go out on the steps, but it's the type of rhetoric that may inspire someone who is unstable to do so. >> how worry reasonable douied there might be more escalation? even if you just look at some of the back and forth that happened during the protests that happened near ground zero at the site of this proposed islamic center, the emotions are uncredibly high. >> i'm very worried about it if you have been following stories around the country that, you know, in florida we're seeing anti-muslim hate crimes too. >> some of the emotions that we are seeing is genuine, people are genuinely sensitive about this area, we're happy to have
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dialogue and to really explain what this is about. but there's also, let's not for a second miss the fact that there's also islamophobic groups that are attacking muslims for no other reason than that they're muslim. in many ways this is inciting people indirectly or directly to some kind of confrontation including the violence. >> thanks to both of you for being was. a glimmer of hope for the economy today after a string of gloomy news earlier in the week, new claims for unemployment benefits fell sharply last week after rising for the past three weeks, better than economists expected, although, still as stocks are in the red as we speak. robert reisch served in the clinton administration and is no chancellor of public policy at the university of california at berkeley.
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he is also to the author of the upcoming book, after shock, the next economy and america's future which is due out in september. we just are having some technical problems with our guest robert riesch, we will try to get those fixed for you and get back to him. we'll take a quick break, and we'll be back right after this. ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on;
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nine minutes after the hour, we are back talking about the new economic news today. about jobless claims. unemployment benefit claims fell sharply last week, but that's only after rising for the past three weeks and on the heels of some very disappointing reports on existing home sales, new home sales, and the sale of durable goods. robert reisch served as labor secretary in the clinton
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administration, he joining me now, he's also the professor at the university of northern california at berkeley. let me ask you about those jobless numbers today because i think i have read about every newspaper analysis there is. on the surface it sounds like there is some good news, but there is also questions about whether there is still overall the picture of joblessness is very bleak, how do you read these numbers? >> of course the weekly jobless claims, first-time claims for unemployment insurance do go up and down a little bit, but the long-term trend unfortunately over the last several months has not been good and if you combine that with what we now know about housing sales and what we know about retail sales and almost all of the other economic indicators, the overall picture, i'm afraid to say, is still quite bleak. and, you know, i look for silver linings, but i cannot find much of one. >> there are a number of economists who say they are seriously concerned about the
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possibility, they're not saying probability, but possibility of a double dip recession here, do you think that's possible? >> not only do i think it's possible, chris, i have been saying for about five months that i think it's more than 50% likely and the reason is that consumers limply do not have enough wherewithal, they don't have enough money in their pockets to keep this economy going, to get us out of this gravitational pull of this recession. consumers are still trying to get out from under a huge debt load, they're losing their jobs, they can't use their homes as atm machines any longer, home prices are lower than what they were in 2007. and many of them have to save for college educations for their kids or for their own retirements, their nest eggs are much smaller than they thought. consumers are worried, but consumers are 70% of the economy, and if consumers are not going to buy, it's hard to
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say where that demand is going to come from. >> we heard from john boehner in front of city club in cleveland a couple of days ago and he said the way to put money in their pockets is to extent the bush tax cuts to increase tax cuts for small businesses, is he right? >> certainly he is right and this is exactly what the obama administration wants to do to extend the tax cut force 98% of americans. there's no reason to extend them for the top 2% or 3% of americans, the rich errs americans because they save more than they spend, their spending is not going to add much to the economy and if anybody is concerned about the long-term deficit, we really can't afford to extend the bush tax cuts in a way that were never intended to be extended, and that is particularly for the top 2% or 3%. with regard to small businesses, it's very important to understand, that there too, only about 2% or 3% of small business owners earn more than $250,000 a year and this is just a marginal
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tax, we're talking about, going back to the clinton marginal tax, only on that portion of the income that's over $250,000, most small business owners, still those who are over $250,000, a very small percentage, they are only a bit over $250,000, we're not talking about very much money or very many people in terms of small businesses. we're talking about millionaires and billionaires should not get a free ride on the bush tax cuts. >> secretary robert reich, always good to see you. mark twain once said that sacred cows make the best hamburgers. tell that to republican senator allan simpson of wyoming who has now apologized for sending a nasty email to the executive director of the older women's league. simpson fired this off to accusations of sexism and
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insensitivity to poverty, if you have some better suggestions about how to stabilize social security instead of just babbling into the vapors let me know and i have made some cracks about people on social security who milk it to the last degree. you know them too, it's the same system like a milk cow with 350 million, call when you get honest work. the older women's league and others are now calling for simpson to resign. in the meantime, simpson responded, i apologize for what i wrote, i certainly did not intend to diminish your hard work for the older women's league. over my life i have had any size 15 feet in my mouth a time or two. to quote my old colleague, when i make a mistake, it's a zoozy. the former alaska governor can put another check on her political win column if virtual
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unknown joe miller can hold on to his lead over incumbent alaska senator lisa murkowski, miller now leads by more than 1,300 votes with 7,000 absentee ballots to be counted. it's clear sarah palin is having a major impact on november's midterm elections. let me start with sarah palin's win/loss report so far. according to nbc news, in races that involve competitive candidates, those backed by palin have won 15 times, lost 11 times for a winning percentage of 58%. what does that tell us? >> well, i think you have to break it down. if you look at the alaska case that we just talked about, she used to be governor of alaska, that is before she quit. and it's not so surprising that in the republican primary up there, she is still popular among republicans.
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she could have some influence and some sway. she didn't actually try too hard to help joe miller, she didn't campaign for him, her husband did and she did an advertisement for him. she didn't really put a lot into the race, so there's other factors at work there, there's ballot measure number two, an anti-abortion initiative that brought out a lot of anti-abortion candidates. that probably was responsible for a couple thousands votes in joe miller's favor, i'm not taking anything away from her, but it's not as if she's making a king out of a complete pawn. >> do you think the power of palin is overstated? >> well, it's not that surprising that a republican politician is able to help republicans get over the finish line in primaries. i think people were writing her off too quickly a couple of weeks ago because there was another jump ball in california. i think any day that we're talking about her influence is a
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day she's winning. i don't remember this much talk about who john edwards was endorsing in 2006. it amazing that she's able to capture our attention this way, mike huckabee actually endorsed this guy too and put some money behind it. >> and how many out there who. 47% of americans still have a negative view of her, so when it comes to a general election, we'll see how many republicans are out there saying, come on, campaign for me, sarah, she is the icing on the cake, she makes every dessert better for political reporters like you and i and pin douundits, she's endl fascinating. so any time we can get an angle on any story. >> she actually trickled these endorsements out. her husband endorsed miller
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first, then her father and then she did. >> let me ask you a question really quickly on the other big political name in news's primary. that is ben quayle who of course is dan quayle's son. famously put out an ad saying that barack obama was the worst president ever, but he was in a very crowded field, what do you make of that victory, david corn? >> he also became a bit of a scandal when it turned out he had been writing for a porn site down in arizona and then denied it. then it turned out to be somewhat true, although he did refute some of the particular details. name recognition goes a long way, he also had a lot of money. he had money from his father's friends and george bush sr.'s friends and he got over the finish line. he may actually win and in which case he may become another michelle bachman type in washington. every time he opens his mouse,
3:19 pm
he'll get lots of media attention. >> do you think he can win? >> i think republicans are -- he's going to have a lot of money, and this ad that he ran that we're making reference to where he called president obama the worst president ever was savvy, he was getting a bit of damage from this scandal, it was a -- >> my favorite line from that whole ad was when he got up off the stool and he said, i was raised right. >> and he's going to go to washington and knock the hell out of the place. he's been good at getting attention. i think guys like him are going to win. it's smart for a sion of power coming up from the rooftops like that. >> there's not too many americans yearning for the quayle dine natty. today actually marks a big anniversary for women across america. 90 years ago today, women were granted the right to vote under
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the 19th amendment. the final ratification came from the tennessee general assembly by a one-vote margin. and today women go to the polls more than men. in the last presidential election, 53% of voters were women. though women hold just 17% of the seats in congress. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. stewart angst booth was a hot ticket at this year's comic con. his bookstore and online company offers hard to find sketchbooks and illustrations unavailable at the big chain stores. he's cultivating a niche mark and it's paying off. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings on msnbc. ♪ love is so strong
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who was the britian spy who met such a gruesome end in a london flat? today mi6 identified the man as 30-year-old gareth williams, police are looking into whether he was murdered by one in his personal life or if it had something to do with his work as a code break. we bring in jack jacobs, he was apparently missing for two weeks, how unusual do you think
3:24 pm
that would be if he's part of being a code breaker, if he's working for mi6 or on loan to mi6, wouldn't somebody know where he was? >> just an average person, this times will happen,some could go missing for a week, two weeks at a time and nobody really follows up. and i'm thinking back to my time at the central intelligence agency, if you're gone for a day, two, three or four, people come looking for you, and this man's body was apparently found in his own apartment, i'm wondering why mi6 took so long or at least local authorities took so long to find it. as i understand, it's been some two weeks, that's been a disconnect that i don't think anyone hazardsed to this point. >> does that necessarily mean that this was somebody from his personal life? could it have been for example a work colleague? somebody that new him, that he let them in?
3:25 pm
>> well flashes's certainly a possibility, again, because there was no forced sign of entry, i think back to my time as a prosecutor and again as a criminal defense attorney, obviously there's a lot of different reasons that people end up in situations like this, sometimes there are people you know, sometimes it could be something that's completely random and he's just unlucky if you will. unfortunately, right now, we just don't have enough. i mean what this is reminiscent of for a lot of people when you first heard about the case, was the russian spy who was ultimately murdered in that case people were looking at that saying i see a connection. as of right now, we don't have that connection, but i think people will continue to follow it, simply because, let's be honest, it's a very strange case. >> they found his cell phone and all lined up were his sim cards. what was that all about? >> exactly. these are one of those questions that simply don't make sense, was there another connection that reaches back? again from my perspective, the
3:26 pm
biggest question i have is why did it take two weeks to find a body like this when mi6 should have been looking within two or three days. >> one thing i have heard is that he often worked at home, but you would think that people would be in touch with him, even if he worked at home. and if you're a code breaker, i understand there's a lot of securities you can put on to computers these days, but would you have that kind of information, would you be doing that kind of work out of you have house when somebody could come in and take your computer? >> that's really a great question as well. we're always concerned about that. i look back at the intelligence kminlt in this country, this is not the kind of information you would want outside of a facility like this. but there's too many questions that haven't been answered yet and why did it take mi6 this long to get involved.
3:27 pm
>> jack rice, thanks so much. up next, msnbc's brian williams will join us live from new orleans as the five-year anniversary of hurricane katrina approaches. plus another major recall by a top automaker, more than a million cars affected. is yours one of them? and bristol palin has her next career move lined up and she's following in the footsteps of kim kardashian, susan luchie and jerry springer. i got into one of the best schools in the country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast.
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3:31 pm
this all comes as mortgage rates from dropped once again to their lowest levels in decades. freddie mac says the average is down to 4.6%. and google is positioning itself to compete with skype. it's g-mail service allows people to make phone calls to anywhere in the world. calls to the u.s. and canada will be free through the end of the year. that is it from cnbc for now. >> toyota is recalling 1.2 million vehicles. that includes 2005 to 2008 corps lolas and corolla matrixes, the two-wheel drive may have been improperly manufactured. log on to for further details. hurricane danielle is swirling across the atlantic, heading towards bermuda,
3:32 pm
danielle's maximum sustained winds are near 105 miles an hour. farther east in the atlantic, tropical storm earl is getting stronger, it's expected to become a hurricane this weekend. an outgoing bp ceo tony hayward will not appear at a senate hearing on the release of the lockerbie bomber. hayward wrote a letter to the senate foreign relations committee saying he's planning on a smooth transition of leadership at bp so he won't be able to testify. it's been five years since hurricane katrina began moving toward the gulf coast and forever changing new orleans and this nation. nbc "nightly news" anchor brian williams joining me live. i can't even count the number of times you've been back to new orleans in these five years and i think for most of america, life goes on, but how are things in new orleans? how is the rebuilding going now five years in? >> chris, you have covered this
3:33 pm
story too and thank you for having me. i don't work for the chamber of commerce here and lord knows people who have seen our coverage over the years would never accuse us of that. but one thing that's kind of interesting, there are 1111 restaurants in the city of new orleans. we say that because they open every day and there were about 800 before the storm. if you measure a city, especially a city built on food and music, that is -- in the meantime, entire swathes of real estate are still open, a huge percentage of places like the lower ninth ward are just vacant lots and you see way too many fema signs on way too many structures here. >> part of it is the rebuilding and another part of it is trying to see as much as possible that it doesn't happen again and there has been so much controversy about the walls that are being built.
3:34 pm
tell us the latest on that. >> it really depends on who you talk to, and if you walk to the project manager with the army corps of engineers, they say it is built for the next 100-year storm. when they talk about the levees, about the fact that these same promises came before katrina and every other major storm, he will tell you to use a preponderance of caution as you listen to those assurances. the fact is, a lot of these places are under sea level. the water came off from lake pontchartrain. it came from north to south, which a lot of people not familiar with the region don't realize. these pictures hurt to look at in a way. the city is so different and has him proved so much and they have worked so hard at it, though the scars aren't far anywhere you are here in new orleans. >> and we learned this afternoon that president obama is going to
3:35 pm
deliver a speech sunday night in new orleans and he's going to keep the broken promises to rebuild. what can you tell us about what's going on in terms of the -- do you have any insight as to why the white house decided to do this? >> it happened on the watch of george w. bush, everything now in the media has become fill in the blank katrina. obama's katrina was supposed to be the oil spill, well this was new orleans katrina. they were promised a lot. they watched haley barbour in their neighboring state of mississippi get a lot of money per capita, there's frustration here there,'s frustration elsewhere in the nation that they have received too much,
3:36 pm
especially if you read some of the emails that come in to us on occasion. so the president will try to lay out what he views as some of the mistakes in funding and the broken promises of the past. >>hat do you think we're going to see? >> it's an appropriate time having just gotten here to mark this anniversary, to take a brief look back, but mostly look at what has changed, look at what has gotten better. anne thompson is going to update us on this other crisis, can't believe louisianans are deal with the oil spill offshore and we'll have all the other day's news for you tonight on nbc's "nightly news." >> do you at least have a dinner reservation when "nightly news" is over tonight? >> mrs. williams is on this trip, so we're going to doiggedy do some research on the
3:37 pm
restaurants and see if food quality and ambiance is up to our usual high standards. my favorite is arbys so anything beyond that. >> how many of those 1111 can he hit until sunday might? >> we'll see. >> we'll check back with you monday. >> for much more again on the upcoming anniversary of hurricane katrina and the progress being made in rebuilding new orleans, be sure to watch nbc "nightly news" with brian williams. for those 33 miners trapped in a chilean mine, a collapsed shaft, every calorie counts. the success of their rescue will actually depend on the size of their waistlines. the men are likely to remain under ground until about christmas, but chilean officials are telling them not to bulk up before the rescue because they'll need to squeeze through a tunnel about the size of a bike tire. and the government plans to send
3:38 pm
in antidepressants and games to keep their moods up. i see that you have a guest with you. >> reporter: we're here outside the mine with the daughter of one of the oldest miners. his name is mario gomez he's 53 years old, he has been a miner since he was 14 years old so mining is in the family, they come from a family of miners and we're going to have a quick conversation with her. i'm asking her how is his father doing and what is he saying in the letters that he's sending her? he's telling them to keep the faith. that he has all the faith in the
3:39 pm
world that they will be able to be rescued as soon as possible. i'm asking if his father knows if the wait is going to be a long one. the miners know that the wait is going to be a long wait, but they have faith that they will be rescued. so basically, that's it from here from outside the mine. this is the letter and this is the picture of mario gomez, 63 years old, since he was 14, he was a miner. >> angie, thank you, and please let her know that the thoughts and prayers of so many americans are with her and all those of miners. right now an underwater
3:40 pm
vehicle is making its way down into the atlantic ocean to survey the debris of the famed tomb of the titanic. the mission is to map out the first ever digital record of that legendary ship. it shouldn't be long before we catch our first glimpse of those pictures. kerry sanders has been following the expedition from the very beginning, how long before we see those pictures, kerry. >> reporter: we're waiting, it could be about ten, 12 hours before mary ann sfwurfaces. all of the professors here like mary ann and ginger, get the connection to of course "gilligan's island" for some of our younger audiences that don't know. they sat them down and they're taking a side scan sonar images of a relief map down there.
3:41 pm
but they're also taking digital images as they go along and flash them down. but what i'm really waiting for are those 3-d hd images. so come with me as we walk on board of this research vessel. we're at sea, and we're rolling a little bit,and dwayne scott has the camera so we don't want to move too quickly. this is the r.o.v., while the team is still working on it, they have got a lot out here, on the other side, right over there on the water side, that's where those 3-d hd cameras are. and they're trying to figure out whether they have all of the connections together, because when you drop down two hours, you want to make sure everything is operating correctly. they are going to put it down and make sure they have the buoyancy correct, and make sure it's not going to be floating to the surface or slamming to the bottom and then they'll bring it back up and begin the effort to map with this 3-d hd camera.
3:42 pm
47% of the wreck has never even been mapped or seen. >> you're not going to sleep tonight, are you kerry? >> reporter: not at all, i'm kind of giddy along with all the teams around here. you can see they're smiling, but they have been working some very, very long hours and this is really on the front end. but, yeah, of course, huge excitement and just can't wait. i also have realized this is science, it might be 48 hours, it might be 72 hours, but we're going to hopefully get those pictures soon. >> can't wait, kerry, thanks so much. and hi to duane scott, great photographer out there on board with kerry sanders. and this is the news you have been waiting for, more of bristol palin. now it turns out that bristol and levi johnston, her one-time fiance could be duking it out in the ratings. he's doing a reality show about running for mayor of wasilla,
3:43 pm
alaska. and now she's getting a reality show. e news reports that sarah palin's oldest daughter has signed on for the new season of dancing with the stars. last month the 19-year-old guest starred on the abc family "the secret life of the american teenager." [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. how's it work? ok, she's gas. he's constipation... why am i constipation? ...he's diarrhea. and our special fiber helps our probiotics
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five years after hurricane katrina, new evidence has now surfaced in the police shooting of 11 civilian looters. the looming question has been did police are orders to shoot? a new pbs front line document y documentary. >> i heard rumors that martial law was in place and then i heard rumors that no, it was not. >> i never declared martial law.
3:47 pm
i know that it's not legal to do that, but what we were doing was strengthening the appearance of a lawful environment. >> a.c. thormpson was the lead reporter on the story. of those 11 civilians shot, five of them died. the chief of police says he heard rumors of martial law. did the system fail here? >> first i got to clarify, the people who were shot, we know that one allegedly was stealing, another one allegedly involved in stealing a water truck was the allegation. but they weren't all looters and that's not the allegation, but they were civilians. the martial law thing is this, we know that ray nagin went on the radio and said i have already called for martial law in the city of new orleans. we do know that people in
3:48 pm
america don't know what martial law means, it hasn't been declared since the civil war days and that probably added confusion to the police on the streets. >> what were the circumstances and the situations that led to these shootings? >> here's the deal, five current and former officers have come to us and they have said, we sauce warren riley, the deputy chief make a statement to police commanders saying you need to take the city back and you need to go shoot looters, riley denies this. we have also seen a videotape of a police captain giving a similar order, saying by martial law, you have the authority to shoot looters, so there is a worry here that there was a command given from the high levels of the police department to stop lawlessness by any means necessary. >> your documentary highlights multiple incidents of a
3:49 pm
questionable police force, one of which resulted in the federal grand jury indictments of five police officers, are there still cases there are under investigation? >> at this moment, the u.s. justice department is looking into the beatings of two civilians, the death of matthew mcdonald who was shot in the back, the death of danny brumfield who was shot in the back and the nonfatal shooting of the guy who was alleged to have been involved in stealing a water truck possibly. >> front line correspondent a.c. thompson, thank you so much. tomorrow msnbc's tamron hall will be reporting live from new orleans and check out the interactive timeline from the day hurricane katrina struck until now. that's at and next, an angry protest over education in greece, it's not the students, but the teachers in trouble with the cops. plus toyota is intentionally making the prius a noisier car. the fastest three minutes of
3:50 pm
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now to the fastest three minutes in news. we go down to the wire with the best beatles song ever, teachers gone wild, and then the show goes to the dogs. ready? hit the clock. first up, the case of the ghost ship. a $1 million yacht mysteriously washesp on a beach near st. petersburg, florida. the engine is running, but nobody is on board. police are stumped. in greece teachers will have a hard time telling students to quiet down after this. the teachers tried to tear down the gates of the education ministry. it's a protest over school reform. here in the u.s. many people are happy to have work at all. a majority are happen with their pay. a new gallup poll shows 53% are content with what they make. now to ohio.
3:54 pm
a controversial move to fight childhood obesity. a new law has schools focusing on a new equation. a child's weight divided by height. body mass index. the new legislation requires schools to track the kids' bmis. toyota is turning up the volume on the near silent hybrid cars. in japan the prius is getting a noise making device that mimics the sound of a gas car. it's meant to warn walkers to get out of the way. u.s. prius models could get the device soon. car loans are hard to come by. that's why a man in northern china decided to buy a new man with small change. he walked into a dealership with bags and bags of money. the largest denomination was a bill worth around 15 cents and the van costs $15,000. check out this monkey on patrol. he helps keep the streets safe in thailand. the animal improves their image,
3:55 pm
which helps keep the peace. that brings us to paul mccartney's plea to nasa. he sent a all right asking the space sagtsy to stop animal testing. i believe nasa has the ingenuity to investigate the health effects of space travel without experimenting on animals. ♪ while we're talking about the beatles, "rolling stone" magazine is setting off a parlor room debate. putting ut its list of the group's top songs all the time. number one on the list "a day in the life." if i had to, maybe "she's leaving home." that didn't make the top ten. tomorrow katy perry will be the final act on the today show's concert series. she's giving special blankets and pillows to those camping out o see her. buy a dog a treat today. we're saluting a man and woman's
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good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. today the d.r. stands for doctor. our economy is in critical condition and getting worse. so why do we keep pulling out the paddles instead of treating the ailment? we'll ask billionaire steve forbes in the moments to come. leo henry as well, joining us to discuss getting this country on th


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